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Novicom BVS implementation

Technical resources for Novicom BVS

The following devices are installed in the customer environment:

  • Physical probes to monitor network connections (standard 1U in rack, with 2 network interfaces - for SPAN data / 10Gbit / network switches monitoring interfaces + 1Gbit / for BVS server communication)
  • Optional physical Wi-Fi probes for Wi-Fi spectrum monitoring (standard Mini PC devices compatible with most Wi-Fi standards)
  • Management and collector on HW equipment delivered together with BVS solution or customer's own resource
  • Support for VMware and physical devices
  • Proven Novicom Appliance hardware is used

Novicom BVS implementation

  • The implementation follows the Novicom Implementation Method (NIM) best practices
  • In the first phase, the necessary BVS infrastructure is deployed to the customer's network and the BVS Network module is lunched
  • The BVS Business module can be efficiently used after business impact analysis

Co-operation on tasks during Novicom BVS implementation

  • Probes connection to monitored infrastructure switches (for IT infrastructure module)
  • Scope definition for monitored segments
  • Interpretation of selected communications subject to analysis
  • Ensure connection between BVS component
  • Providing access to core network services – DNS and NTP
  • Remote access for 2-way communication and access to/from the device (BVS device operator > Customer environment; Customer environment > BVS device operator)