AddNet as a part of Active network Security concept

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AddNet as a part of Active network Security concept

NSMC, Flow monitoring and NBA, SIEM, LogManagement

AddNet covers the majority the internal network managment. Due to the complexity of network administration and security, it is not able to fully cover the area. Novicom is aware of that and is trying to make AddNet maximally open and able to cooperate with other technologies after the implementation. This is why Novicom is an active member of NSMC (Network Security Monitoring Cluster), which have prepared a complex model of network security and administration called the “Active network security”. The aim of the concept is to secure the internal network of an organization, which is commonly being protected only on the perimeter (Firewall, IPS/IDS) or clients (Antivirus, Antimallware, EndPoint security) 

AddNet may be actively connected with other elements of this concept such as advanced network monitoring (FlowMon ADS) and systems for the management of security incidents (SIEM) and logs (Log management)

Collaboration with Flowmon Networks

Many of Novicom’s customers are taking the advantage of advanced network behavioral analysis by Flomon Networks’ FlowMon ADS. The integration of AddNet and FlowMon ADS provides plenty of added value.The users are able to smoothly change from one appliacation to another through automatic links between them. A planned feature will also let Novicom technologies to perfom distributed collection of the flow in remote localities.

The integration greatly reduces the time require to react and solve a security incident within the network. After a network anomaly is detected in the FlowMon ADS, the user directly accesses detailed information about the device in AddNet’s L2 monitor and eventualy disconnects the device in the NAC part of AddNet. This scenario of integration between FlowMon/AddNet may be done within 4 clicks.