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About AddNet technologies

AddNet is fully taking advantage of its own technological platform. Basic application parts – control servers and workservers are installed into the grid environment.

AddNet control server

AddNet control server is the central part of AddNet. Control servers are providing web user interface for network and security administrators. The relation database is storing the data from L2 monitoring and switches acquired from subordinate control servers and workservers. The control server is also being used for the configuration of all network services (DDI/NAC)

Control servers may be ran individually, as a part of active clustering or in a hierarchy of control servers (for very large organizations) 

AddNet workserver

AddNet workserver is the executive part of AddNet, it runs active L2 monitoring and communicates with networking hardware. All gathered information is sent to AddNet control server (or master servers).  Those servers are providing the workserver with information about configuration changes in the network and core network services (DDI/NAC). AddNet workserver is providing the core network services (DHCP, DNS) and NAC services (RADIUS)

Such services may be configured in local or remote redundancy (support of multiple clustering active-active). AddNet workserver provides continuous operations of core network services (DHCP/DNS/Radius) even if its part of the network is temporarily disconnected from the central locality. The availability of AddNet control servers is therefore not necessary for continuous operation of AddNet – their unavailability may only be noticed through unavailable application interface for editing the network configuration.

Flexible management of AddNet users

AddNet is designed to increase the administration efficiency in large networks. It contains the option to customize user rights and flexibly create new roles for network and security administrators. It is therefore possible to divide the roles and responsibilities between multiple administrators in a large organization. Integrated commit/rollback system allows the confirmation/refusal of each change. AddNet also includes the possibility for full audit of user operations and provides the transaction log of all network changes.