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Novicom BVS Business Edition

BVS Business Edition with its focus and functionality is suited to SOC staff, IT managers and IT security, who need to keep track of the provided services, their availability, including links to supporting IT resources and possible risk factors.

BVS Business Edition offers the following options:

  • Creating logical assets representing the organization's technical, application, and business services.
  • Notification of changes in IT assets and their impact on defined services.
  • Visual modeling of dependencies between business services, applications, IT services and IT assets (Business Impact Analysis) with automated asset identification and asset behavior.
  • Identify the impact of operational events on the organization's business services (what-if scenarios).
  • Possible impact overview of vulnerabilities detected in IT technical support assets on the services provided (to prioritize the elimination of risks with the highest impact on critical services)
  • Ensuring continuity of services through a better overview of the support infrastructure.

BVS Business Edition use cases:

1. Support the work of the SOC team

  • Prioritization of incident investigation according to the criticality of the asset.
  • Prediction of attack in relation to the criticality of assets
  • Rapid identification of the cyber incident scale
  • Business services level reporting

2. Planning infrastructure changes with impacts on service continuity

  • Fast creation of Business Impact Analysis
  • Identification and easy maintenance of information on the existence of the asset and its link to specific operated services

3. Inputs to optimize IT infrastructure

  • Input to separate critical and non-critical assets
  • Identification of „Single Point of Failure“