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Novicom BVS Network Edition

The basic module – “BVS Network Edition” can help with the following questions:

  • Which devices are currently in the network?
  • Are these devices authorized?
  • Which devices in the network are no longer used? (dead woods)
  • Which connections are newly established and which devices attempt to communicate? Are these connections signs of malicious behavior of the device?
  • Who is the device administrator?
  • What services run in the network?
  • What other devices will affect the availability of the monitored device?
  • What is the communication history (profile) of the given device and changes that were made?
  • What is the set of affected devices that communicated with the given IP in the selected time span?
  • What are the latest changes to the device (open ports, change of risk, vulnerability, etc.)?

BVS Network Edition use cases:

1. Migration of the ICT infrastructure into cloud

  • Asset location (segment, owner, risk)
  • Identification of all services and dependencies
  • Device communication matrix export

2. Identification of the cyber incident scale

  • The organization will receive the information about possible compromise of the information system
  • The IP address of the system is listed as the identifier
  • BVS visualizes all affected devices in the selected time frame

3. implementation of NAC

  • Immediate orientation in the current network environment will allow faster deployment of NAC tools, including AddNet by Novicom