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IP management of BYOD and mobile devices

Complete IP administration (DDI/NAC) for mobile devices in wi-fi networks

AddNet provides the complete IP management for wi-fi networks. The conventional DDI/NAC management model is also complemented by an automatized way to manage the BYOD devices. It is also possible to create reception guest zones.

The common demand of managers for making the network accessible for employees’ mobile devices is met with two different opinions from network and security administrators. The network administrators have a tendency to maximally simplify the access of such devices – commonly by creating a wi-fi network with a known WPA/WPA2 key. Security administrators on the other hand demand the solution in a way which leads to no anonymous devices communicating in the network.  

AddNet is able to solve this conflict. It has a self-service zone for a one time authentication and authorization (assignment to a corresponding VLAN) of such devices available to the employees. 

It is also possible to create reception zones for the guests. Such zones are a simple way to create a one-time access with limited validity for a guest.

The advantage of AddNet’s BYOD solution is the support of all user devices, regardless of the operating system and environment of the device. There is no need to install anything on the user devices, practically no additional effort is required from the network administrators. The security administrators highly appreciate the monitoring of device’s presence within the network and also the fact that the device user is known thanks to the authentication process, this lets them to assign the device into a corresponding VLAN based on its user.