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A quick overview of network, network load, various unusual events and more

AddNet contains intuitive Dashboard. The most important information about the network and its use is presented in one place. The user can see the information from address planning, switch usage, DHCP traffic and L2 monitor. The monitor also provides a quick information about new devices or the devices which are detected to behave against the address policy. 

All information presented to the user is interactive and may be clicked to access detailed information in AddNet’s sub parts such as detailed monitoring, address planning, networking hardware information etc. 

It is also possible to get additional information about any IP/MAC at any time by right clicking it. A menu appears for detailed information about the IP/MAC from address planning, rules, DHCP assignments, DHCP events, L2 monitor and overall summary containing devices’ network history (monitor and assignment) 

The administrators have a powerful tool for accessing all necessary information through drilldown from the