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DDI – integrated management of IP address space and core network services 

Making IP network administration much easier – IPAM and DHCP/DNS


IP address space management tool with integrated control of all necessary sub-components (DHCP/DNS/NAC). It is possible to simply add a new device or change the network parameters of present devices. AddNet’s address planning lets you change the IP address policy  (readdressing) within few minutes, even in large distributed organizations.

Users have flexible overviews of the network administration available to them. It is possible to browse the networks through a detailed list or through a tree structure.


Integrated DHCP services, specifically designed for operations in large distributed networks where maximum operational reliability and performance are required. Contains many premium features thanks to the integration with L2 monitor. This brings the option to easily set the assignment of fixed IP addresses through DHCP according to known MAC addresses.

The management of DHCP options is yet another strong element of AddNet. It is possible to create composed rules for individual networks or device types. This will be highly appreciated by the administrators who have reached the limits of their DHCP infrastructure for example when trying to implement IP telephony. 


Integrated DNS services are able to provide reliable operation in distributed networks with multiple interface. It is also possible to take the advantage of AddNet’s flexibility and integrate the present DNS infrastructure of the organization. In such case, AddNet takes over the control of the present DNS infrastructure through dynamic DNS updates and provides full consistency of the environment – IPAM, DHCP and DNS. This feature is usually used by Microsoft’s customers who require to keep the present DNS infrastructure for cluster or domain type technologies