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Easy implementation

Novicom NIM, Initial sniffing, Grid manager

The implementation of AddNet radically increases the efficiency of network administration and security of the network. To be able to fully use the potential of AddNet, it is necessary to train the customer and provide him with our complete knowledge in the area of integrated DDI/NAC administration.

Novicom has prepared its own implementation methodology NIM (Novicom Implementation Methodology) for simple implementation and smooth transfer know-how on the customer. The methodology is used by the implementation teams of Novicom’s partners and ensures that the implementation is carried out quickly and successfully in a standardized way according to Novicom’s best practices. It also helps to maintain the standard project documentation and allows Novicom to perform quality checks on its partner’s implementation teams. 

The AddNet implementation consists of 2 main phases.

Preparation of the technological SGP (Novicom Secure Grid Platform) and AddNet installation

Customer’s network gets analysed during the implementation analysis and intial workshop. The output is then used for the setup of required technologies and AddNet. This is the longest part of the implementation.

Performing the initial sniffing and the final setup of IP address policies of organization

The initial sniffing is ran upon the successful deployment of AddNet. After 1-4 weeks, theimage of network and network devices is available. The output of the initial sniffing is compared with customers address plan. The optimal final plan is determined according to recommendations and set in AddNet. DDI functionality then gets enabled in the networks. NAC is enabled after the AddNet completely takes over the DDI and the final check of network infrastructure compatibility with Radius services (for 802.1x/MAC authentication and authorization)

Grid Manager tool - Easy SGP Implementation

Novicom Secure Grid Platform can be easily deployed by using the Grid Manager tool. It is an administration tool which allows the whole system configuration of grid platform on one space. This configuration is later distributed to all SGP components. The tool can also be used to comfortably change the SGP configuration for already implemented AddNet instances.