Advanced Communication with Networking Hardware

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Advanced communication with networking hardware

Repository, port utilization and backup

AddNet is able to directly communicate with networking hardware. It is done through AddNet’s terminal access under minimum rights. This way of communication, unlike SNMP, requires much less resources from the networking hardware and network. AddNet clearly displays all core information about the networking hardware in one place in a repository.

Port utilization monitoring is another much appreciated functionality. AddNet is continually monitoring the state of up/down ports and is able to exactly show in which period was the port really used. Besides the Top 10 list of the most used switches, AddNet is also able to list the longterm unused ports for fast optimization as an alternative to buying additional switches. 

AddNet can determine that a configuration was changed and automatically perform a backup of the new configuration of the networking hardware. The backups of all networking hardware in a large distributed network are centrally available. 

AddNet is not dependent on any switch vendor. It supports the majority of standard vendors (Cisco, HP, Huawei, Dell, Enterasys etc.). Adding new series from a vendor or a whole new vendor can be simply done through defined API. Novicom is constantly adding new switches from major vendors as a part of development and support.