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Technological lead thanks to our very own technologies

AddNet is taking advantage of Novicom’s technological lead. Novicom’s very own technologies are what gives AddNet its premium operational, performance and security features.

Novicom is able to guarantee that the foundations of our solutions are based on reliable, time proven and highly secure technological platform..

Novicom SGP - Secure Grid Platform

Grid platform design Novicom SGP provides our solutions with superior operational reliability. Our solutions may be designed as fully redundant, not only in the central locality, but anywhere within a large distributed network. The central part of the grid – control servers may be clustered or implemented in a hierarchy. The work parts of the grid (workservers) support multiple active-active redundancy. It is possible to realize an asymmetric redundancy, where a part of the active cluster is in a remote locality and part in the central locality. Active-active multiple clustering brings the advantages of high scalability unlike the conventional HA (high availability) active-passive solution offered by majority of other DDI and NAC solutions. Novicom Grid Manager tool is available for easy implementation and management of SGP.

Novicom SDP - Secure Delivery Protocol

Novicom’s unique communication protocol SDP has been developed for secure reliable communications even in very low quality transmission lines. Thanks to the unique method of dynamic optimization of transmitted data, SGP is able to operate on lines with error rate of up to 95%. Asides the operational reliability, SDP again brings the superior security of transmitted data. All data transmitted through SDP are protected by powerful dynamically changing encryption with digital signature and timestamps.

Novicom FireBox appliance platform

Besides the resilient grid platform and own communication protocol, Novicom has also its own system environment for its appliances. Fully 64-bit version based on the Linux OS with security upgrades. The system environment is encrypted in flash memory and is loaded into the operating memory during boot. This always guarantees the system’s consistency after boot. The system also has inbuilt support for other Novicom technologies such as grid platform SGP and SDP communication protocol. 

Novicom FireBox appliances are the base for operating Novicom’s application in reliable and secure environment. AddNet may be flexibly run as hardware or virtual appliances.