A unique DDI/NAC instrument which greatly improves the efficiency of IP address space management and security network access in large distributed networks.

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BVS – Business Visibility Suite

A tool for unambiguous visualization of network communications and modeling of business services and IT infrastructure.

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ELISA Security Manager

Tool for intercepting and evaluating cybernetic security events

ELISA Security Manager

We are the leading developer of software for monitoring, administration and security of large and distributed networks.

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Integrated NAC

Network access control by using 802.1x/MAC authentication and authorisation

L2 monitoring

Powerful Real-time monitoring of a device (IP and MAC address) in the network

Complete DDI

Integrated management of IP address space and core network services


Reliable infrastructure and application monitoring in large and distributed networks


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Advantages of Novicom solutions

Fully ResponsiveNovicom uses its own solutions to achieve exceptional results. Novicom SGP – Secure grid platform and Novicom Appliances bring superior operational reliability and performance while Novicom SDP – Secure Delivery Protocol maintains resilience and security even in the most difficult scenarios

Fully ResponsiveOur technical solution includes N+1 Active-Active redundancy for all of its vital components. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee fully reliable monitoring infrastructure and basic network services DHCP, DNS and Radius.

Fully ResponsiveSophisticated integration of key system components (IP address planning, DHCP, DNS, Radius, communication with networking hardware) dramatically saves time of network and security administrators.

Fully ResponsiveNovicom provides powerful tools to manage network access (MAC Authentication), Dynamic VLAN assignment (Mac Authorization) and tools to support network administration in case of security incidents.

Fully ResponsiveAll Novicom products are developed to perfectly fit into our central monitoring and network administration concept. We have also integrated few complementary products into our solution in order to bring you the most powerful and versatile network tool available.