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BVS - Business Visibilty Solutions

BVS – Business Visibility Suite
Network & Business Edition

A tool for unambiguous visualization of network communications and modeling of business services and IT infrastructure.

IT asset management is the basic prerequisite for successful incident response in rapidly changing cyber environment. Overview of IP devices relationships in time, often provides both security analysts and SOC operators information during service interventions, rapid identification and investigating security incidents in network infrastructure.
Novicom BVS uniquely combines the world of IT technology and organization´s business services through intuitive modeling of dependencies between these layers. The key benefit of BVS is automated metadata collection of network communication relationships between IT devices with the possibility of modeling the provided business services of the organization.
BVS allows you to preserve the following relationships:

Novicom BVS relationships

Business Visibility Suite is a tool for instant overview and visualization of IP device´s network communication to allow rapid incident response and identification of security incidents in the infrastructure. BVS also helps to understand the impact of incident on provided business services and to prevent security threats.

Thanks to automated processing of network communication in BVS, it is easy to orientate in the real state your IT infrastructure and relationships between IT assets (visibility of IT assets between network devices). It is possible to retrieve the inputs for instant security incident response in context of impact on the provided services

Novicom BVS offers the two following modules:

1. BVS Network Edition – visualizing the current state of IT infrastructure and capturing communications between IT devices provides an image of network behavior – what kind of traffic is in the given location.
2. BVS Business Edition – further extends capabilities of BVS Network Edition. It allows to model business services and their dependencies on IT infrastructure, provides actual view on IT, gives an up-to-date view for the evaluation of the critical IT equipment and it’s importance for providing the key services to end customers.

BVS - Business Visibility Solutions

BVS - Business Visibility Solutions