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AddNet from Novicom company - a unique DDI/NAC tool

AddNet is a unique DDI/NAC tool which highly increases the efficiency of IP address space management and access control in large networks. It is achieved by integrating the IP address management system, core network services (DHCP, DNS), L2 monitoring, network access control (NAC) and advanced communication with networking hardware.


By using its very own technologies (grid platform – SGP, communication protocol – SDP and FireBox appliances), Novicom is ready to be flexibly deployed into large distributed networks. Technical design of AddNet provides the continuity of core network services (L2 monitoring/DDI/NAC) in remote localities even when disconnected from the central locality. 

Network administration has never been easier!

AddNet provides a single interface for IPAM administration with L2 monitoring, DDI and NAC. This greatly reduces the time required for network management. Everything is in one place and integrated, the operator no longer needs to use different systems for different tasks. Adding a new device into network through AddNet is a matter of 20 seconds!

Integrated L2 monitor notifies about new/unknown device in the network. It will clearly determine device’s location within the network and eventually also its physical location. The administrator is able to see all information required in one place in AddNet with the option to add additional unique information about the device. One screen is needed to insert the information about address planning, selected network, validity duration, device’s inclusion in the critical infrastructure, specific DHCP options, DNS name etc. After confirming the record, all information is automatically distributed through the AddNet infrastructure and all key subsystems get updated (IPAM, DHCP, DNS, and RADIUS).

AddNet covers the following areas:

AddNet is not just a product, it is a thought through know-how…

AddNet is not only unique by the scope of its functionality – L2 monitor/DDI/NAC. It brings a complex set of technologies, services and prepared integrations all aimed at providing the highest value in security and effective administration of internal network of an organization. The implementation of the DDI/NAC tool AddNet also comes with the transfer of our complex know-how for highly efficient IP administration and network security of an organization.

AddNet’s key benefits

  • Saves significant amount of network administrator’s time
  • Centralizes network administration and standardizes operational procedures
  • Powerful L2 monitoring able to determine the physical locality of a device – through the integration with cable records.
  • Premium operational reliability and performance of core network services – DNS, DHCP, Radius
  • Provides secure network access via full 802.1x and/or MAC authentication followed by authorization (VLAN assignment)
  • Fully automated administration of BYOD and mobile devices 
  • Clear identification of BYOD and mobile devices within the network
  • Increased operational reliability of core network services (DNS, DHCP, Radius) thanks to N+1 redundancy and premium scalability)
  • Reduced costs thanks to long term monitoring of networking hardware port utilization
  • Fully heterogeneous and flawless  interaction with Microsoft and Cisco technologies


Provozní Dashboard systému AddNet Monitoring událostí systému AddNet

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