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Developed for central monitoring in large organizations. Especially useful in hierarchical and holding organizations. Supports monitoring of heterogeneous technologies and can be run as a main monitoring system.

MoNet provides monitoring on all network layers

  • Environment
  • Hardware
  • Virtualizations
  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Application servers
  • Applications

There are many advanced monitoring plugins available for MoNet as well as API to create plugins for uncommon technologies. MoNet is also compatible with Nagios based plugins.

Monitoring in large networks

Client-server-client model provides the possibility to set administrators for specific regions while being able to supervise the whole network from one central location. Each network contains independent probes which continue monitoring even if the connection with central server is lost. Independent probes also give a great opportunity to compare (graphically – correlate) different technologies and locations.

Full audit of supervised infrastructure

Probes are able to monitor and pool data even when the network is unavailable which lets you track incidents to exact spot.

Admin notifications for unexpected events

Flexible notifications (SMS, e-mail, web services…) for unexpected events can be set up individually for each location.

Automated restoration measures

MoNet makes systems more resilient by allowing the creation of automated restoration measures – inserting administrator’s know-how right into the system.

Key aspects of MoNet

  • Open monitoring
    • Ability to monitor uncommon technologies as well as standard ones.
  • High level of operational reliability
    • Ability to monitor when disconnected from remote network services.
    • Scalability of solution
  • Integrated application monitoring
    • Enables to simulate the behavior of application users.
  • Automated evaluation of SLA parameters
    • Based on recorded data



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