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Novicom takes an active part in the area of IT companies and community, mainly as a member of Network Security Monitoring Cluster – NSMC. This association connects the developers of tools for network administration, monitoring and cyber security. In addition, the activities of NSMC also actively involve the experts on implementing the network and security technologies and companies specialized on ISMS systems and consulting.

The Concept of Active Network Security is the result of mutual effort of the experts connected under NSMC. The aim of the concept is to point out that many organizations nowadays do not pay attention to the security of their inner network and only relies on the traditional tools for the defense of perimeter and clients. The underestimated areas of the internal network security are commonly the monitoring (L2 monitoring, Flow monitoring and NBA), complete administration of IP address space (DDI), network access control (NAC) and specialized security elements (log management, SIEM).

The goals of Active Network Security concept


  • Bring complex solution of security and operational needs of internal network
  • Minimize the amount of solutions and resources required for the implementation and operation of internal network
  • The option of gradual implementation of the concept with guaranteed protection of previous investments
  • Bring additional value thanks to premade integrations and methodologies
  • Know-how transfer with the aim of solving the network needs as a whole, not only sell a partial solution.
  • Bring integrated approach for solving the cyber security and demands brought by security legislation

The Active Network Security Concept directly addresses the issues while providing a practical guide on dealing with the area of internal network security and administration. The individual components of the concept are mainly the products of NSMC members. They are all developed with regards to the concept and the needs of other concept components. The customers may benefit from the integrated approach of the concept. After the implementation of a product, the customer does not need to worry about the integration with other parts of the concept and additional costs. Another appreciated thing is the practical know-how of NSMC members, gained through multiple implementations of the concept for various customers. Many customers are already reaping the benefits of integrated products from NSMC members while increasing their operational and security efficiency by gradually completing the whole concept of Active Network Security.