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Novicom Company together with its partner Invea-tech offer a unique concept of Centralized monitoring of infrastructure, network and applications integrated with IP administration tools.

The concept covers all monitoring and IP address space management needs of large scale organizations. It increases the reliability and efficiency of basic operational services and provides high level of security to the network and network access.

We are able to provide unified environment for network and infrastructure administration. One application allows the management of systems that would have been otherwise operated separately, often by different administrators.

The main goals are

  • Make network management way more simple and efficient
  • Significantly increase operational reliability of the basic network services.
  • Provide top level of network security.

The overview of all areas of the concept

The example of Central monitoring and IP network administration in use.

Integrating AddNet together with network behavior analyzing system ADS FlowMon and advanced monitoring system MoNet brings rapid increase of operational flexibility when solving security incidents.

  • Security anomaly is noticed.
  • Anomaly is presented in the monitoring application.
  • Details of the security anomaly are determined
  • Details about a device are presented (IP/MAC/Location/History)
  • Compromised device is disconnected from the network

Concept may be used entirely with all of its features as well as implemented gradually according to the priorities of our customer.