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Novicom projects offer customized and industrial solutions based on Novicom’s very own technologies and products. The use of our platforms allows implementing projects which require superior operational reliability, work and data transfer in distributed networks and maximum security.

“Tariff – central pricing” project is one example of such projects.

Tariff – Central pricing

“Tariff” is a central pricing system designed for large-scale telecommunication networks that require many independent billing units, able to share the outgoing trunks. The system supports tariffication from different PBXs and allows automatic retariffication when outgoing connections to operators (trunks) are being used by more separate units.

The system offers a complex overview of the tariff data and allows you to define your own custom reports. Novicom technologies SGP – Secure Grid Platform and SDP – Secure Delivery Protocol provide maximum operational reliability (N+1 redundancy Active – Active support) and high security of transferred data.

Description of system “Tariff”

Records of all connections (tickets) made in each branch exchange (PBX) are automatically downloaded by tariffication computers, each of which can download data from several different PBXs. The tickets are then converted into a standardized format and identified by a unique number. A backup of processed tickets is automatically made to protect any data from being lost in case of any accident.

Processed tickets are sent to appropriate tariff server which determines the pricing according to operator’s price settings. It then stores the complete information about the call and its price into database. In case the tariff server has a parent server, the ticket is sent there as well. If a ticket belongs to different tariff server the system will recognize it a send it to correct one.

Central tariff server stores all information about the calls made in the whole telecommunication network. Subordinate (regional) tariff servers store information about all calls made trough PBXs which belong to them and calls that belong to billing units defined on them.

The main benefits of “Tariff”


  1. Tariffication from different phone exchange types
  2. High operational reliability – possible to set up N+1 redundancy by using Novicom SGP
  3. Easily scalable – Distributed system
  4. Supports multiple independent billing units with different pricing settings.
  5. Automated retariffication to separate billing units in case they share outgoing trunks.
  6. Setting up call limits with automatic notification if depleted.
  7. Definition of detailed user reports
  8. Full audit of made calls done through user interface offering many filtering options.
  9. Possible repricing of completed calls in case of change of tariff plans.
  10. Possible to add more phone exchange types
  11. Secured data transfer between servers or tariff PCs using Novicom SDP