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A new features added to AddNet product
20. 6. 2019

As part of Novicom's ongoing development, many new useful features has been added to AddNet, one of Novicom key products, to simplify network access control and network administration.

Quarantine automatically
For 802.1x authenticated devices, when health check is available, AddNet will now verify that the device meets all the basic health requirements, such as active firewall, up-to-date antivirus, active antimalware and updated OS. If a device does not meet one of the requirements, it is automatically moved to the quarantine network, where the devices is allowed only to download the necessary patches.

Security policies at the switch level
With DACL (downloadable or dynamic ACL), AddNet can now dynamically change rules on switch ports within NAC. In practice, this also includes the ability to easily set up a policy where traffic avoidance between devices in a single network segment is set up in a way that does not restrict your work and also prevents potential ransomware infection, without installing any agent on the station.

Login time
In fixed-time organizations, we can now set up selected networks in AddNet so the network can be set to only operate in specific time (eg 7:00–19:00). This limitation can also be set only for specific devices, or an exception can be set for some devices.

Real-time information from NAC traffic
In AddNet, we also included a new overview of information about which device in AddNet NAC at the moment tried to log in, under what name, on what switch and port, what was the result (Success / Failure) and to what network. If the device is disconnected, the disconnection time is displayed. If AddNet NAC is backed by AD, this functionality gives us an overview of which user was connected to the device at any given time.

With NAC traffic information, AddNet operators receive operational information much faster than by the L2 monitoring used up to date. By combining these data sources, adding information about DHCP traffic and L2 monitoring, AddNet now offers the highest possible added value that a network or security administrator can gain from network traffic and settings.